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IFI Group Ltd holds vast experience in passive fire protection, spanning across the four business divisions, Inspections, Training, Engineering and Consultants. We offer quality, independent services to the passive fire industry. Our knowledge coupled with our comprehensive range of services ensures that we are providing quality and independent guidance to our clients and increasing knowledge and competency through our training services. We pride ourselves on our customer service delivery, and our ultimate aim as a Group is to protect people and property and provide excellent service.

IFI Group Companies

Our team of passive fire protection inspection experts have over 50 years of experience in the management, inspection, quality, auditing and certification of passive fire products and systems. We offer recommendations, reports, and photographic evidence of all inspections.

We offer a range of training courses around passive fire protection to suit our clients, with online e-Learning options, classroom based and virtual training. Our company aim is to train responsible and competent persons regarding passive fire protection.

We operate across a broad range of sectors, covering all areas of the UK and Northern Ireland. We work with flexibility and client requirements at the forefront of all projects, of which we employ Chartered Fire Engineers to oversee each project.

As a long-standing respected consultancy, our recommendations are independent and honest. Our team of experienced industry professionals work with our clients to create bespoke solutions for all aspects of their fire safety.